About Us
Crowdian is a startup software company on a specific mission.
We develop a web application that allows mass collaboration (crowdsourcing) on software projects. 

At present we fund its development via income from software services.
We provide software services for a wide range of software technologies. We specialise in AI/ML technology.

1. To improve common work measurement practices in the Software Industry. This is important for collaboration.
2. Enable mass online collaboration on the same software project. Use the availability of multiple freelancers to improve intellectual property security and project speed.
Achieving the above points will reduce risk and improve flexibility of income opportunities for software engineers.

White Note - How to Improve Work Measurement 
- Measure steps of code rather than lines of code.
- Segregate code and documentation, but keep them linked.
- Measure significant words of documentation.
- Measure steps of code per programming language.
- Software project contracts must make payment dependent on the number of accepted documentation and steps of code. Acceptance is based on:
    - no bugs in the code.
    -  the program's defined minimum performance target is feasible and met or exceeded.
    - the customer understands all the code and documentation.
    - the steps of code are minimal.
Think about it - if we pay our electricity bills based on a meter reading at the end of the credit period, then why not similarly meter software work units and pay for them based on actuals? 

Mission Plan
Develop the following:
- rules to measure 'steps of code' and 'number of significant words in documentation', and an associated software tool
- a tool to detect and fix repetitive code (code steps reducer)
- a web application for mass online collaboration on the same software project

In addition, we try to execute software projects based on a contract where the customer agrees to be charged based on the number of accepted steps of code.

Contact Us
Interested customers, freelancers/software developers and investors who would like to work with us, may contact us at: